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Performance Testing

performance testing
Implementation of security fixes, patches or seemingly minor modifications might have an impact on how your end users’ experience of your applications. For both operational and peak loads, StrongBox IT’s performance testing services delivers you the confidence that you need

Load / Endurance/ Volume
Validate your application’s performance under anticipated load, endure it over a period of time or assess the performance after a substantial backend volume is built

Stress / Spike / Scalability
Be it a planned stress applied to the application or a preparation for a spike in volume or just an assertion of scalability, we help you achieve confidence
  • Processor Usage
  • Memory use
  • Bandwidth
  • Memory pages/second
  • Page faults/second
  • Response time
  • Throughput
  • Maximum active sessions
  • Hit ratios
  • Hits per second
  • Database locks
  • Thread counts  

Regression Automation

regression automation
 Regression testing, as the world knows it is most effective when progressively automated. StrongBox IT collaborates with you in automation your regression suite using scalable, flexible and cost effective Selenium based automation frameworks
  • Approximately 70% faster
  • Wider coverage with lesser efforts
  • Reliable, Consistent, Accurate
  • Economies of Cost and Time
  • Early time to market