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Application Security

application security

We help great design meet security.

Web and Mobile applications are prone to both inherent platform-based unpatched vulnerabilities and flaws in configuration or deployment.

Governed by OWASP, SANS and NIST standards, StrongBox IT’s security testing services validate web and mobile applications across various threat vectors

  • Information Disclosure
  • Secure Configuration and Deployment
  • Identity Management
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Session Management
  • Input Validation
  • Error Handling
  • Business logic
  • Technology Stack Vulnerabilities  

Infrastructure Security

infrastructure security
StrongBox IT’s Infrastructure Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services

Seemingly trivial flaws in network design and access control serve as footholds in a number of multi-vector and multi-layer attacks. We bring you the kind of security awareness that helps IT teams accurately spot critical areas exposed to adverse threats.
  • Understand points of entry and potential for compromise like never before
  • Asset criticality profiling for Impact Assessment
  • Data Flow Analysis and Attack Surface Mapping
  • Endpoint services and Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Network sniffing, foot-printing and probing
  • IAM, Active Directory and LDAP implementation flaws
  • NAC bypass, DNS Enumeration issues
  • Web Server Misconfiguration
  • Database Script Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Data redaction in cloud computing environments
  • IDS, Honeypot and Firewall Evasion Vectors