WooCommerce has made ecommerce website building and developing easy with multiple plugins automating the tasks without any coding knowledge. TI WooCommerce Wishlist is one such plugin […]

Install Modshield from AWS

Step 1:Open the GCP Marketplace listing page that suits your licensing model (Cloud / BYOL), and click on the Launch button. Step 2: Provide a suitable […]

Security Testing

According to an article in CIO magazine, a typical USD500+ million organization has 3,000+ applications. While average, organizations (excluding financial firms) have around 600 business-critical applications. […]

Application firewalls

Application firewalls have, for a long, served as one of the enterprise’s important security technologies. But even as hackers have gotten sharper at avoiding traditional security, […]


With the accelerated rise in the number of companies adopting cloud for running business applications and saving private data, cybercriminals have started to target web applications […]

Step 1:Select your preferred plan (either Cloud or BYOL) from the provided dropdown menu, and click Continue button Step 2: Click on Create button to configure various deployment […]

Freepik, a top-100 Alexa ranked popular website that provides access to free stock photos and design graphics, announced on Friday (21 August) that it had been […]

Install Modshield from AWS

Step No: 1 Visit the marketplace page of the version that better suits your needs (Cloud / BYOL). Click on “Continue to Subscribe” button Step No: 2 Read […]

Ref: Credential stuffing is the automated injection of breached username/password pairs in order to fraudulently gain access to user accounts. This is a subset of […]