StrongBox IT’s Performance Testing

With every performance bottleneck, you increase the chance of critical system crash, poor response time, bad user experience and reputation defilement. The underperformance taints revenue even more by driving away existing and potential prospects. A solid and cutting-edge performance testing methodology will enable you to overcome the aforementioned challenges in performing efficient performance validations.

StrongBox IT’s Performance Testing and Engineering practice assists its clients in identifying and overcoming performance bottlenecks by providing cutting-edge services to achieve high responsiveness, reliability, availability, scalability, and resilience for their mobile or web applications.

Why choose strongbox IT’s Performance Testing Services?

Our Performance Engineering and Testing services can help you to

  • Embark on a journey of performance testing accuracy within hours.
  • Reduce your performance testing efforts by half and save upto 40% with an all-in-one performance testing framework.
  • Achieve a defect leakage rate of less than 3%.

To meet all performance requirements, our Performance testers employ best practises and techniques at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Shift left Testing

A shift to the left in performance testing means earlier error detection, designing, coding, resolving bottlenecks, and increased test coverage to exceed business requirements.

Continuous Performance Evaluation

Testing at each stage with the goal of ‘Fail Fast’ aids in quickly identifying performance issues as new features are developed.

Planning for Capacity

Planning the system’s infrastructure to maximise the system’s business benefits.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation of a system’s performance against domain-wide key performance indicator (KPI) standards.

Monitoring Efficiency