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Application Performance Testing

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StrongBox IT’s performance testing services ensure that your applications perform optimally across both operational and peak loads by identifying bottle-necks in the application design and architecture. The remediation of these applications by implementing security fixes, patches and minor modifications increase speed, throughput and resource efficiency positively impact the end users’ experience with applications.

The remediations and progressive validations increase the availability of the applications during unexpected spikes or planned overloads.

We validate your application’s performance under anticipated load, endure it over a period of time or assess the performance after a substantial backend volume is built.

Be it a planned stress applied to the application or a preparation for a spike in volume or just an assertion of scalability, we help you achieve confidence.

Identifying bottle-necks in the application design and architecture whose remediation will increase speed, throughput and resource efficiency

Processor Usage Memory use
Bandwidth Memory pages/second
Page faults/second Response time
Throughput Maximum active sessions
Hit ratios Hits per second
Database locks Thread counts