Infrastructure Security Testing Services | A 360 degree testing

Infrastructure Security Testing

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StrongBox IT brings you the kind of security awareness that helps IT teams avert a number of multi-vector and multi-layer attacks by accurately spotting flaws in network design and access control that serve as the footholds in these vicious attacks. We understand the points of entry and potential for compromise and execute Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of IT devices.

  • Asset criticality profiling for Impact Assessment
  • Data Flow Analysis and Attack Surface Mapping
  • Endpoint services and Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Network sniffing, foot-printing and probing
  • Foot Printing, Port Scans, Network Scans, DNS Enumerations
  • IAM, Active Directory and LDAP implementation flaws
  • NAC bypass, DNS Enumeration issues
  • Web Server Misconfiguration Exposure
  • Authentication and Authorization Testing
  • Database Script Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Database Security Testing
  • Data redaction in cloud computing environments
  • Evasion against IDS, Honeypots and Firewall Evasion Vectors
  • Malware Scans