Strongbox IT LLC provides application security services and solution

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Are you at the crossroads about the security of your IT Infrastructure and Software assets?

StrongBox IT provides your organization with a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that enable your business systems to run efficiently. We achieve this by maintaining our focus on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your IT systems and infrastructure.

We have a broad vision to help businesses StrongBox their IT infrastructure in terms of protection, performance, continuous regression, scalability, and availability. We believe in giving out beyond comparable results.

At StrongBox IT, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include app security, app performance, Infrastructure security, reliability assessments, and regression automation. StrongBox IT prepares you to deal with the operational challenges of your business systems with great ease.

Our experts can give you precisely what you have in mind for your company and fulfill it with the highest commitment. We furnish more importance to customer satisfaction, and that's how we achieve success at each step.

Why should you get ModShield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF)?

StrongBox IT is delighted to introduce its Modshield SB. The custom-built and affordable Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your website and mobile applications from security threats and comes equipped with a wide variety of premium features. It supports multiple applications and domains on a single instance (with no additional license costs). The features include a built-in load balancer, data loss protection, and analytics.

Modshield SB WAF, powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS, is an easy-to-implement, plug-and-play device that protects you from a wide range of threats. With continuous threat updates, Geo IP information, and customized rules across multiple technologies, Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF), takes the stress out of keeping your device up to date.

Talk to us about your security requirements, and you will see what we have for you is better protection and a perfect solution that you can implement in less than 30 minutes. Get your Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF) – Powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS.

What is it?

With rapid digitization, businesses are moving online at a faster pace than ever. Threats to online business are growing at an even higher rate. So, with the fast-moving world, we have to attain a much faster pace to be in the first place.

Most organizations neither have the capability nor the capacity to implement continuous security. It has created a demand for devices that are affordable and reliable in protecting websites and mobile applications.

A WAF (Web Application Firewall/Application Firewall) is a device that fills this gap and helps organizations protect their data and applications in a simple way.

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Powerful at heart and goodness all around


Easy to Setup


Available across Multiple Platforms


Protect multiple applications and websites


Built – in Load Balancer


Configurable Data Loss Prevention Rules


SSL Support


DoS Protection


IP Reputation Checks

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Bots/Scanners/Crawlers Protection


IP and Geography based Whitelisting/Blacklisting


Configure Safe IPs for unrestricted access

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