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About Us

Who we are

An organisation relies on a host of technologies to run its business systems. Having tech support validate these technologies at every step has become an essential component to ensure that business systems run smoothly as they scale up.

With IT validation expertise, StrongBox IT was founded with a vision to help businesses scale up their operational systems with confidence. We instil this confidence by ‘StrongBoxing’ their IT infrastructure in terms of security, performance, continuous regression, scalability and availability.

We achieve this by working in collaboration with your organisation’s operational support team in an endeavour to validate every change being rolled into production while maintaining our focus on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT systems and infrastructure.

Team StrongBox IT

We believe that it is human intelligence supported by market leading tools that make a difference and so we invest in acquiring and nurturing the best talent in the world. We believe that our people are our biggest assets.

Our team consists of certified technologists in every recognized field of the IT industry and are equipped to handle operational and security testing that expose vulnerabilities, load and stress test complex integrated systems and provide effective test automation suites.

With CEH, OSCP, CCNA certifications amongst us and featured in hall of fames of leading companies, we guarantee you that you are in the best possible hands for validating your security posture

Team Profile

With CEH, OSCP, CCNA certifications amongst us and featured in hall of fames of leading companies, we guarantee you that you are in the best possible hands for validating your security posture

The Fox


Clever, tactical and focussed. Breaches and propagates to all connected systems

The Nerd


A gold medal in his master's degree in Cybersecurity says it all

The Rookie


Does not rest till he takes over the server. Rookie in the organization, but accomplished in what he does

Leadership Team

Joseph Martin

Technology and Delivery

Joseph Martin commenced his career in the year 1997 as an Analyst Programmer at NIIT Ltd. and has since then spent the last two decades as a specialist in the field of software testing. Prior to forming StrongBox IT with a group of like-minded individuals, he grew his expertise in the field by working with reputed tech companies that include leadership roles at Quintegra, UST Global, and Syntel. His experience revealed a dearth of information security practices and efficient security testing in the industry, inspiring the formation of StrongBox IT. Focussed on security testing, secure business practices, operational availability, compliance and threat monitoring, at StrongBox IT, Joseph ensures that these essential services are made available to businesses globally. Joe holds a B.Sc degree in Physics from Madras Christian College and lives in Chennai, India with his wife Betty and three daughters.

Daryl Heald

Strategy and Growth

Daryl Heald began his career in 1988 as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, GA. In 1997 he joined the Maclellan Foundation serving on the executive committee and helping to lead its global grant-making strategy. Beginning in 2000, while at Maclellan, Daryl helped to launch several organizations: Generous Giving, Giving Wisely, and Global Generosity. The majority of his time now is spent in speaking and encouraging business people in the global financial capitals to be generous. He has worked with wealthy families on four continents regarding their philanthropy. He is also actively investing in private equity deals with a particular emphasis on businesses with social impact. Daryl currently serves on ten boards in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas. Some of his favourite pastimes include golfing, fly-fishing, and barbequing. Daryl holds a BS degree in economics from Westmont College and he and his wife, Cathy, reside in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA, and have nine children and recently welcomed their first grandchild.

Zelia Zhu

Strategic Governance

Zelia Zhu currently serves as the COO of GIC Merchant Bank Corp, a merchant banking firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Before joining GICMB, Zelia was a partner of New Access Capital, a Shanghai based Venture Capital firm where she led the firm’s investments in TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) sectors with a successful track record. Zelia began her career with Isoft in Shanghai where she developed her early experience of investment from engaging in the company’s M&A deals. Zelia gained her master’s degree in finance from China’s Fudan University. She and her husband enjoy their life with their two kids in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Betty Joseph

Business Development

Betty, a founding partner of StrongBox IT, has been handling the operations of the company since its inception. Holding a Master’s degree in Social Work, with a specialization in Human Resources, she is involved in the people policies of the organization. She also handles business development for StrongBox IT and will be actively involved in channel partnerships for Modshield. Her life involves a lot of interaction with people and this is where she finds her passion. Her journals are found at http://www.bettyjoseph.com/. She believes one goes through seasons in life to grow in faith, more importantly to share one’s learning and be a support when people need it.

Betty is focussed on steering the organization towards being a blessing to the community thereby helping us live out the true purpose for which we have been called.


Wesley Hill

Wesley Hill started his career within the impact investing and grant writing space. He spent multiple years analyzing, developing, and investing in non-profit organizations in countries like Haiti and Guatemala. He quickly shifted career paths and joined Nike’s internal business incubator to lead operations and supply chain. These businesses were developed with the intention of bringing net new revenue to Nike while also spurring on innovation within the organization globally. Nowadays Wesley spends his time siting on the board of a private foundation, a non-profit in Haiti, and consulting with startups and fortune 500s.

Jonson Sun

Jonson Sun is the founder and president of GIC Merchant Bank Corp, a merchant banking firm based in Toronto, Canada that has domain expertise investing in private companies which often involves a consolidation strategy. GIC services include providing start-up and growth companies business strategy advice and capital market consulting. The company has successfully incubated and seeded companies across multiple sectors that include e-commerce, staffing, and healthcare technology. GIC has also brought a number of their investment companies public. Along with building a strong Merchant Banking business, Jonson has also led a team expanding into the international trade business.

Jonson also sits on the board of Bay Talent Group, Emerge Ecommerce, Pishon Innovation Lab and Kore Alliances and is also active with philanthropic and faith based organizations around the world. He has led the development of a global platform of strategic relationships and partnerships across North America, Asia and South Africa. Jonson Sun is based in Toronto, Canada and has a Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto.