StrongBox IT’s Application Security Testing

In Application Security Testing, we test weaknesses and vulnerabilities in source code, reporting on the security level of a web application across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Applications are subject to attacks at various levels of scale and complexity.

Latest technology brings along with it latest risks, security concerns for mobile applications differ from traditional software in some important ways. Storage, inter-app communication, cryptographic APIs, and secure network requests are some of the areas of concern.

StrongBox IT’s application testing focuses on emulating cybercrime and simulating test scenarios that not only reflect current attack patterns, but also threat motives. We also focus on integrated security testing to help organizations integrate application security initiatives sooner within a given SDLC process.

Why Application Security Testing

You might have security systems and procedures to safeguard your infrastructure, even though you have everything in place, you should incorporate your applications in overall vulnerability risk management plan.

The most common attack vectors used by attackers to infiltrate IT ecosystems are applications. It’s critical to secure every layer of the current attack surface. Talk to us to learn more about some of the essential capabilities you’ll need to manage your vulnerability risk and how StrongBox IT can help.


Why choose StrongBox IT’s application security services?

Here are 4 reasons that you must choose StrongBox IT’s application security services.

  • Align with compliances – Our application security testing is completely based on OWASP TOP 10 standards and we help you auditing compliances regularly across the board.
  • Reduce the attack surface – Finding and fixing the vulnerabilities, blocking all the threats and cramps the hackers by giving only a little to no space for hacking. We are masters of that.
  • Reduce time to market – We offer high reactivity and quality testing services and help you to stay ahead of the deadlines.
  • Reduce risk – Testing the application in the early stages helps fixing bugs and reduces the risk of exposure to a security breach.