Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF) – Powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS

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Modshield is a state of the art application firewall that protects online businesses, acting as an IPS, validating all traffic to and from an application. With early detection and blocking, businesses stay protected with the least amount of human interaction.

With the powerful Modsecurity and OWASP Core Rule Set at its heart, Modshield SB combines an easy-to-implement wrapper, fine-tuned and additional rules and a whole lot of features that you would love to see in your application firewall

Modshield SB is available on popular cloud platforms as a simple plug and play instance as well as a Virtual machine for physical datacentres.

The Web application firewall (WAF) can be implemented to protect any number of applications using a single instance and a single license.

Modshield SB All Inclusive License

Our affordable Modshield SB WAF license combines an easy-to-implement wrapper, fine-tuned with additional rules and the premium features that you seek out in your application firewall within the cost of the license.

A comprehensive feature comparison details the vast array of offerings in our Modshield SB All Inclusive License.

Sl No Features Modshield All Inclusive License Other Popular Web Application Firewalls
1 OWASP Top 10 Coverage
2 Unlimited Domains Some require additional licenses based on number of domains supported
3 SSL Support for all Domains
4 IP Whitelist/Blacklist
5 Country specific Blacklist/Whitelist Some require additional licenses
6 IP Reputation based Filters
7 Bot/Crawler Protection
8 Application DoS support
9 Compliance Metrics
10 OWASP CRS Ruleset, regularly updated
11 Additional Fine-tuned rulesets
12 Unlimited Custom Rules
13 Intelligent Log display - Helps in easy and quick analysis of events
14 Raw Logs
15 Log archival to external storage
16 Log Forwarding to SIEM/External Systems
Additional Features
17 Load Balancer across multiple domains in multiple modes
18 Data Loss Protection ( Beta)
19 Export Configuration for Backups
20 Export/Import configuration
21 Rules and Modsecurity Might require additional support packages
22 Geo IP Feeds Might require additional support packages
23 IP Reputation Feeds Might require additional support packages
24 VM for Physical Infrastructure Partial