Modshield SB - Modsecurity WAF powered by OWASP CRS

Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF) – Powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS

modshield sb
Features of modshield sb

Modshield SB Web Application Firewall (WAF) – Powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS

Modshield is tailor-made to fit your app’s security needs. It is packed with security features that enable a 360-degree protection for your app and hosting infrastructure. Powered by the OWASP Core Ruleset, Modshield WAF provides optimal coverage against OWASP’s Top 10 threat vectors, automation protection, and safeguard against credential stuffing attacks.

Modshield SB Web Application Firewall, powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS, is now available as a virtual instance in all the cloud marketplaces and as a VM physical infrastructure. Get it today and stay protected against threats in real-time. 

Our experience in this field enables us to provide a quicker and a well-researched approach to securing your app and infrastructure. We are just a call away. Our team of experts will assist you and clarify any questions you might have about the product or walk you through the features that provide you with optimal protection.

Why choose Modshield SB Web Application Firewall- Powered by Modsecurity and OWASP CRS?

Our product supports you in committing to your business users’ Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). Implementing an enterprise-grade first line of resistance for your app has never been simpler. 

It supports HTTP and HTTPS requests for apps hosted either in a single server or load-balanced across multiple servers. It also supports an unlimited number of domains within a single instance and a single license cost. The device is continuously updated with curated risk intelligence for real-time protection. 

Our WAF allows you to restrict your user base depending on geographies. You can selectively allow or block users from specific countries. With the Bot/Spider/Crawler/Scanner protection, the WAF also protects your app server from unanticipated load and avoids the app server being crawled by malicious bots.

It has a simple intuitive dashboard making accessible KPIs beneficial for monitoring and regulatory compliance. By deploying a WAF in a website application, we put a shield between the website application and the users, validating and filtering out requests that seem malicious. A WAF works best as a part of a comprehensive app security program. Our product can integrate with all monitoring tools, making it easier for you to have a centralized control.

Modshield SB Features​

OWASP Top 10 Coverage

Powered by the OWASP Core Ruleset, Modshield SB inherently protects all your applications against the OWASP Top 10 threats

Unlimited Custom Rules

In addition to the OWASP Core Ruleset, Modshield SB allows you to create an unlimited number of custom rules for each of the applications it protects.

Built-in Load balancer

You are no longer required to run a seperate Load Balancer. Take advantage of Modshield SB's built-in load balancer.


Be it a set of IP addresses or geographies as a whole, Modshield SB's access control lists gives you enough freedom to define your whitelists and blacklists with ease.

Application DLP

The OWASP Core Rulesets allow validations of application responses thereby enabling you to filter our sensitive information. Modshield SB provides a simple interface for you to define application specific DLP rulesets.

Other Features of Modshield SB

IP Reputation Filter
Bot/Crawler protection
SSL Support
Unlimited Custom Rules
Log Forwarding / Log Archival
TOR IPs / Scanner Protection
Lifetime Free technical support
VM for Physical/Cloud Infrastructure

How to get Modshield SB?

You can now get ModShield SB from any of the cloud marketplace or as a physical VM instance at just $0.58/hr.

Modshield SB All Inclusive License

Our affordable Modshield SB WAF license combines an easy-to-implement wrapper, fine-tuned with additional rules and the premium features that you seek out in your application firewall within the cost of the license.

A comprehensive feature comparison details the vast array of offerings in our Modshield SB All Inclusive License.

Sl No Features Modshield All Inclusive License Other Popular Web Application Firewalls
1 OWASP Top 10 Coverage
2 Unlimited Domains Some require additional licenses based on number of domains supported
3 SSL Support for all Domains
4 IP Whitelist/Blacklist
5 Country specific Blacklist/Whitelist Some require additional licenses
6 IP Reputation based Filters
7 Bot/Crawler Protection
8 Application DoS support
9 Compliance Metrics
10 OWASP CRS Ruleset, regularly updated
11 Additional Fine-tuned rulesets
12 Unlimited Custom Rules
13 Intelligent Log display - Helps in easy and quick analysis of events
14 Raw Logs
15 Log archival to external storage
16 Log Forwarding to SIEM/External Systems
Additional Features
17 Load Balancer across multiple domains in multiple modes
18 Data Loss Protection ( Beta)
19 Export Configuration for Backups
20 Export/Import configuration
21 Rules and Modsecurity Might require additional support packages
22 Geo IP Feeds Might require additional support packages
23 IP Reputation Feeds Might require additional support packages
24 VM for Physical Infrastructure Partial